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garden in june 07


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ha! Remember the garden in June?
It looks so different now.

And soon it will again.


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few photos

Here are a few belated photos.

This is from the Town Hall Meeting, feast and film screening. We are watching a flick about the garden in the garden. Copies will be available soon.


Here begins the physical creation of the Dalhousie Women’s Centre community garden. We laid a sheet mulch that we are going to plant a living willow fence and art supplies into, and built 4 raised beds for edibles.



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drink more water

STicker ideas:  to put everywhere:

drink more tap water.

drink more water – less sugar, caffine, & petroleum

imagine if more people drank water – the political, ecological, and economic implications.

less bottles, more water! 

I think we should all  write a bazillion little stickers and put  EVERYWHERE.   Write your own messages.  Put them up repeatedly.  Imagine if more people slowed down, cleared up, and stopped stuffing themselves  continually with sugar and caffeine??

Do it! Do it!  Imagine if we each sticker hard, and others join in, and it becomes a global movement?  And more people start to drink more water, and less sugar, bottled, processed liquids… imagine how our trash cans and head will begin to clear.

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Praise be,  there are a lot of great folks interested in the garden, gardening, food, and food security.  There is energy, there is potential, and there are resources available, and fun to be had.

Many hands make light work, and more fun: if you are interested – inspired, join in any way to help pull this all together.

Here is a list of  possible positions for you.  Job-sharing available!  If any of these ideas interest you, let me know, grab yer friend, and let’s get it done!  I  will help;  I bet you have a tonne of fantastic ideas; and you know the plants need our help.

  • winter workshop coordinator.
    • possible winter workshops:
      • october – making sprouts
      • november – the great houseplant make-over
      • january – buying seeds
      • febuary – planning the garden
      • march – starting seeds indoors
      • april – gardening 101
  • volunteer program coordinator
    • help us create a great volunteer program for the garden
  • outreach coordinator.
  • proposal writers
    • to help us get more space, and necessary funding
  • researcher
    • for the pamphlet How to Start a Community Garden in Halifax

The listserv is up and running:  email….  gardenhalifaxlists.riseup.net
or…  garden nspirg.org to get on.

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