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Hi folks,
We’re a bit behind schedule this year due to the DSU-NSPIRG kafuffle, but are fortunate enough to have some enthusiastic folks interested in gardening both Tuesdays and Thursdays during April and May.  So…

This Thursday, April 30th, we will be doing more preparation and cleaning at the Green and planting more seedlings in the greenhouse.  We’ll get started at around noon and continue until it feels like we’ve done enough for the day and the sun has done enough for us.

Next Tuesday, May 5th, the garden parties will continue.  We’ll start meeting in the early evening, between 5:30 and 6.  We’ll be planting seedlings, tending beds, watering tender shoots, and meeting vivacious people, until sunset.

The following Thursday, May 7, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of May, we’ll be meeting at about the same time, in the early evening, and continuing to care for the collective health of the Green’s effervescent new life.

All of our gatherings take place on an open schedule, so please come and go as you will.


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Although our garden does produce, it is more valuable as an educational resource and as a place to experience and share the joy of gardening than as a food supply.

If you’re hoping to grow some food this summer but don’t have land, here are a couple of options that may interest you:

There is a map of community gardens on the Halifax Garden Network website. Go to the site and then click on “Map” at the top of the screen..

Another option is to make an arrangement with someone to do gardening in their yard. A great place to start checking this out is Halifax Landshare. If you have a yard to share, this is a great way to let people know. The system is still in the process of taking root and sprouting, so there will be more yards and gardeners arriving on it soon!

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seeding the green

We are cultivating a new group of caretakers for your collective garden.  Please join us for some revitalizing events over the next couple of weeks:

Sunday, April 26th:  At the NSPIRG office, room 314 of the Dalhousie Student Union Building, we will be sowing seeds and potting plants in preparation for their sprouting in the Dal greenhouse.  Join us in the afternoon starting at 2:00.

Tuesday, April 28th:  We will be getting the garden beds ready for the new season.  We’ll be at Seymour Green all afternoon.  All are welcome to come and go as they please.

Tuesday, May 5th:  Starting at 5:30 we will be planting seeds in the garden at Seemore Green.  As always, everyone is welcome to contribute as they wish.

These events will also serve as seed swaps.  We have some seeds to exchange, and you may find someone who has that seed you’re searching for.

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