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Garden Updates June 24th


My name is Megan and I am the new coordinator here at the Seemore Green Garden!

There are some exciting workshops lined up for the summer, and this Tuesday the 29th of June at 6:00pm we will be discussing the dangers of alien invasive species and the threat they pose to native biodiversity.

We have changed our work-party hours temporarily until the 30th of June, and then we will go back to the old schedule.

New hours until June 30th: Hours after June 30th:
Tues: 5pm-8pm (workshop at 6pm) Tues: 4pm-6pm
Thurs: 5pm-8pm Thurs: 2pm-5pm
Sun: 2pm-5pm Sun: 2pm-5pm

Just a quick reminder for anyone who comes out to the garden outside of regular work-party hours to make a quick note in out diary (located beside the rain barrels) so that we can keep track of our activities for future reference.

Also, we have been trying to label everything we have planted in the garden. If anyone has any Popsicle sticks to bring and help label that would be awesome! Also, a reminder to add labels to anything new that you seed to make sure that nobody plants anything over top of your babies!

Hope to see you all at our Tuesday workshop!

Warm Fuzzies,


Megan Tardif-Woolgar
Seemore Green Community Garden Coordinator
Working Group of NSPIRG
1411 Seymour Street




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Hey Folks,

Here are last weeks updates! (sorry there late- I was at a long birth this weekend!)

1. Last week! We did a bunch of weeding out of the goutweed and planted some kale in half a bed! Plus we put in some nettles, wormwood, and thyme medicianls

As always, a reminder that its your space, so garden when you want, and to check and use the garden diary! We really need to work on the gout weed- so if you’ve got time- giver’!

2. Next workshop rescheduled! Worm Composting!! Tuesday the 15th from 6-8 pm with Carey Jargen. Carey is an amazing gardener and wonderful person! This is a great workshop, and you’ll never look at weeds the same way again.

Also Upcoming Workshops:
June 8- Forest Gardening & Permaculutre
June 15- Worm Composting
June 22- What Weeds mean in Your Soil!

3. We’re on facebook! did you know? You should join us there if you’re on it. And invite your friends!

4. Next Sunny collective work day! Lets pain the shed! Oh and! I have so many transplants for us to put in! Its supposed to be nicer on Thursday, so lets do it then!

5. Planning-  Alison are you still up for doing this?

6. Reminder of collective Garden times-

TUESDAYS 4:00 pm-6:00 pm  followed by a workshops! from 6:00-8:00pm
THURSDAYS 2:00-5:00 pm
SUNDAYS 2:00-5:00 pm

Alright, I think that’s it! if you have any questions/comments get in touch,


Jean Steinberg
Community Garden Doula for Seemore Green
Working Group of NSPIRG
1411 Seymour Street



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