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Our global food system faces a crisis of unprecedented scope. This crisis, which threatens to imperil the lives of hundreds of millions and possibly billions of human beings, consists of four simultaneously colliding dilemmas, all arising from our relatively recent pattern of dependence on depleting fossil fuels.

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Then,  check out this great podcast

A Hard Look at Agriculture, and Strategies for Collapse

by Healing the Earth Radio.

show notes:

Lierre Keith is the author of the novels Skyler Gabriel and Conditions of War, as well as the forthcoming The Vegetarian Myth. In this interview we talk about the topics she explores in that most recent book. I haven’t read Jared Diamond’s work, but I know he also seriously tackles the issue of agriculture.

For me, Lierre’s is the most solid critique of agriculture I have come across. She talks about how it is at it’s most basic level a war against life and the earth, outlining the ecological impacts of agriculture, which includes it’s effects on topsoil, which is the basis of all life. Sustainable agriculture will always be an oxymoron, and with the fossil fuel era coming to a close, we have to start thinking out of the agricultural box.

From talking about agriculture and it’s current need for fossil fuels, Lierre goes on to talk about the inevitable impossibility of feeding this many people without fossil fuels, and how the end of cheap oil has potential to lead to a population crash. She also talks about patriarchy and how to deal with increased gender violence in disaster scenarios, and what types of mental bonds must go. And we got into talking about how problematic collapse is for people with disabilities, degenerative diseases, and so on, who rely to some degree on industrial technology and industrial medicine.

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