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we’re organized we’re pissed. we’re here to resist.

I was down at the Resist Atlantica protests this morning to welcome the delegates to the big business brainstorm for a sick and short-sighted plan to use public investment for the creation of more corridors and trade routes to import cheap asian goods and export more raw natural ‘resources’.

Last night Steven Sinclair and Maude Barlow spoke about how this plan is flawed, even from a business perspective. Using mass amounts of our (presently) cheap remaining oil to build highways that need oil to be used and maintained for mass trade of consumer goods that will likely not exist in 20 years is a pretty horrible idea. Unless, of course, it will make you rich in the meantime, which frankly, is not a perspective that I can understand.

So our mission, as I see it, is to emphatically resist that which we don’t want, and to passionately build what we do want. We need to stock our cities full of food and medicines, (and fibre, fuel, resin, receptacle, and dye plants), so that we can survive, even thrive, without the dominant system.

SeeMore Green is one of many hubs that we can create. It is a place to cultivate knowledge, skills, strategy, compost, and plants. The more food and medicines we have in our city, the more of us are going to survive.

Dismantle globalization, renew locally.

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