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drum roll please…

the wait is over! seemore finally has its BEES. do da do da!

feel free to drop be the garden this saturday between 12-1 when i’ll be going through and checking on my babies. i’ll be there to answer any questions and you’ll get a chance to see the bees at work on any of a flowering plants in the garden.

can’t wait to see you there.


resident beekeeper for seemore green


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thanks grainery

well, here’s another start to a new week. we just wanted to send a big shout out to the grainery for hosting a fantastic SLOF week and for inviting seemore green to be a part of the festivities!

we would also like to thank the folks who came out and helped to support our “seemore green bees” fund. we raised a little dough for the gals coming to joins us at the garden. come july, we’ll be welcoming the arrival of our very own honeybee colonies at seemore.

stay posted for the july schedule. we’ll have the dets on urbanbeekeeping 101 and other bee related workshops, the city root cellar workshop/discussion forum , and much more gardening!

can’t wait to see you out there.



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