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Well, what a week hey?!   All those protests and reading all of the media response sure gave us a lot of fodder for dinner talk.  I hope all homes in the nation felt so inspired.

The garden saw some great changes this week.  Alex Denicola came to the garden Saturday and from the four wood raised-bed frames, we made a fifth bed.  We increased the garden-able area by 25%.  He also brought us some golden cherry tomato plants, some celeriac transplants, and some cucumber babies.

Miller compost, the company that handles the city compost, donated and delivered 4 cubic yards of compost.  If you need a bit of compost for your good guerrilla gardening  efforts, it is available.

Ted Hutton, beloved organic veggie supplier at the market, gave us some transplants:  kale, leeks, and beefstake tomatos.  There are plenty, so if you would like a few, some are available.  We will plant them in on Thursday, and any that remain are up for grabs.

And, big news.  There is a development going in somewhere around St. Margarets Bay that will destroy 10 to 15 acres of native plants.  While we cannot stop it, we can save the plants, and bring them to our garden.  I will keep folks updated on this.

Also, one of the most knowledgeable folk around in traditional Mi’kmaq plant usages, Laurie Lacey, got in touch with me, is supportive of the project, and willing to consult and do a workshop with us.  Sweet goodness.

Alright earthworkers, earthlovers, may we spin creativity with as much passion and determination as the other prevailing forces.  May we listen hard enough to let the land know we are listening, so we may begin to hear again.

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