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Eatin’ Alive! Holistic Nutrition Workshop

Is the food that keeps you going dead or alive?

During this workshop, we discussed the benefits of growing and eating your own food (and not just the nutritional). When you buy vegetables at the grocery store, they are often shipped from far-and-away places. A lot of their nutritional value is depleted, and then when you leave it in your fridge, it loses even MORE of those nutrients. Whats the best thing to do? Grow your veggies in your back yard and then pick them when your hungry. It is even better to freeze, dry, preserve, or root cellar your own food then to risk your health eating that edible food-like substance (go Pollan!) from the grocery store that come pre picked, washed, frozen, thawed, dehydrated, re-hydrated, packaged, and then packaged some more.

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