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May. (finally)

Mudder’s Day: a celebration of local plants, earth, and mothers was yesterday, and despite the inclement weather, the event was faaaaaantastic.  Good work everyone!  Wow.

So, mid-May.  We have just confirmed two paid positions for the garden this summer.  I, Jayme have been approved for the garden developed positions, and we are hiring for a garden coordinator.  The job posting is below.  Please do spread it into the reaches of the city.

This week (may 13), we are in the greenhouse on Tuesday again, then out to the garden to do a cleanup.  Next tuesday (may 20) we can do some seeding and transplanting and gussying up the garden.

After that, I am not sure if we want to do a garden party in the Last week in May, (27th) or do it the next week (June 3) as part of BIKE WEEK.  Then we will have our new staff too!   I will keep you’all posted.  Garden party:  if anyone wants to play some music, or help out with food, or bring some activity or something, leeme know.

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Mudder’s Day

May 11, Mother’s Day,  of this year we will celebrate not only mothers, but the original mother earth, kids, food, healers, local plants, the Common, music, and traditional cultural heritages with a full-out make-our-own-festival.  In a few short weeks Mudder’s Day:  a celebration honoring local plants, earth, and mothers will be taking over the commons.

This fun community event will be a launch into the growing season.  It will be an opportunity to encourage civil participation and strengthen relationships among volunteers, non-profit groups, and the general public.  It will be a space to open dialogue regarding urban agriculture, community gardens, planning, community design, and to raise awareness of the existence of Freshwater Brook beneath the Common.

The festival will include:

– workshops on gardening and composting
– tables where local farmers, gardeners and community members can share information, seeds, food, plants, etc.
– Public art installations
– A red tent hosted by the Midwifery Association
– three handmade 16′ yurts made of Nova Scotian coppiced red maple and white canvass, from Little Foot Yurts. The yurts will house workshops, music, film screenings, etc
– games for children
– live music and dancing

The event will be FREE and open to everyone and all ages.

The possibilities for you to participate in this event are endless:   You and your organization are invited to attend the event.   You would like to run a workshop, have a table, sell merchandise or food, or sponsor the event in kind or in cash, please let us know in what capacity you would like to be involved.

If you are interested, please come to the pre-event planning meeting on Thursday April 10th, 7pm in room 201 of the Bloomfield Center.   At this meeting you can get an idea of the event framework and how you can participate.

If you can’t come, let us know, and we will weave your ideas in.

So, come on -let’s play!  Let’s show Halifax (including ourselves) that there are so many people doing great work,  that the paradigm shift is happening, and that ‘alternative culture’/ social & environmental justice/ loving the land/ etc. is fun, delicious, colorful and hilarious.

Hope to see you on April 10th, 7pm at Bloomfield,
and May 11th on the Common.

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