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Saturday’s hike to Blue Mountain was extremely enjoyable with signs of spring popping up everywhere. In attendance was Lis, Akhtar, Jed, Silas, Skyler, Megan, Rong, and myself (Crystal). Lis brought her camera and took many great photos for the report.

We came across many interesting, plants, mosses, and lichens. Initially we saw some Colts Foot in bloom, this was followed by several bushes of Pussy Willows at different blooming stages. Wild Cranberry plants from last year (img 502, img 503) were spotted along the path as well as budding maple trees (img 512). Along the way there were several lichen colonies, including British Soldiers (Cladonia cristatella) (img 499) and different species of Usnea. The high presence of lichens and specifically the presence of Lobaria pulmonaria indicated that air quality was probably very high (lichens absorb nutrients through their outer surface and are highly sensitive to air pollution, hence a high lichen diversity and presence, is indicative of low levels of pollution). We also came across two unknown moss varieties, one that seemed to mimic pine (img 518) and another that seemed to mimic cedar (img 522).

Along the way Trailing Black Berry (img 523), Lambkill (img 505), Native Rhodora (img 514), and Leather Leaf (img 520, img 521) were spotted. We also came across some Snowberry Plants (img 516) (img 517), no berries were present but a faint trace of mint fragrance could be detected. Jed found some pine gum from a stump in a cut lot. Silas and Lis later gathered rose bushes from this same cut lot.

Along the path towards the top of the mountain, under a heavy tree canopy some was still snow present. On the path Golden Thread plants were found and their roots sampled, they were very bitter. On the top of Blue Mountain; Club Moss (img 531), Broom Crowberry (img 532), Juniper, Wintergreen, and different varieties of lichens were found. Some Juniper berries and Wintergreen berries were sampled, the wintergreen berries were extremely sweet. On the way down May Flower blossoms were spotted. May Flower is the official flower of Nova Scotia.

The day ended with a sample of wild carrot. It was a nice way to finish off the day’s adventure.


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native woodland plants

Many people have shady backyards but still wish to grow a useful garden.  We have a large shady area in the SeeMore Green garden, which I have been hoping to plant with native edible and medicinal woodland plants, as they are useful, shade tolerant, and native!  We need to de-colonize our notions of food and landscape.  And, nova scotia needs her native ecosystem to support her brilliant biodiversity.

Below is a plant list of native plants, gleaned mostly from the writing of Laurie Lacey.  The EAC also has a lovely native plant list here.  If you wish to add more, please do.

Wood sorrel
Jack in the pulpit
Ladies slipper- nerve tonic
sarsaparilla – Aralia nudicaulis
Tea berry – Gaultheria procumbens

Partial shade:
Black huckleberry – Gaylussacia baccata
Stinging nettle
sarsaparilla – Aralia nudicaulis
Tea berry – Gaultheria procumbens
Horse radish ?
Witch hazel
Partridge berry –’squaw vine’ – gives you an idea of it’s woman power

Wax berry

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