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With all that talk about soil contamination and growing food, we figured we should get on learning more about it. We applied for $500 through NSPIRG, and seeing as this is truly an issue of Public Interest, we got the money. Attached is the outline of the project: basically we are going to do some research on 1) what is the soil contamination, 2) how does it affect growing food, 3) what do we do about it. We are also proposing to start a Soil Contamination Testing Fund to offer some financial aid for soil test. If anybody has any info to offer, sites to check, suggestions of people to talk to, please forward them on to Leslie – ls236198 (at) dal.ca Ted is offering to set up a blog for all this info; if you want to help him, email mycelium (at) nspirg.org.

Also, lovely Lis talked to the new College of Sustainability (though Dal) about creating a class to really get into this. It looks like the class will go ahead, and our little project will a be a community-building precursor. Stay tuned.

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